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Please DM us on IG @killtsune in order to place a custom order regarding stickers, banners, tsurikawas, shirts or more.

 350z_jay_ - @350z_jay_ Pentagram white 8x9”

 Bxbby._abby - 1x PHANTOM 23.5”x8” white vampire wars

sydney.lynn__ - anti golf golf club (anti scrape format)

370z.addy - custom killtsune banner maxed out purple 

sammygirlcx - felt cute might light up later - impact - holographic - 1'' in height - one line

Chinoboisupreme - 1xdemon eyes 23.5”x6.7” holo sparkles // 1xLook at the sky 23.5”x4” holo sparkles

rattdougmann - 1x 19” lenght straight from hell black 

Scrapyydo_srsinn - 24” gold - CAROL LOPEZ (see ig) - bouncy