Shipping Informations


☆ Tracked Post Parcel ☆

By selecting Tracked Post Parcel as your method of shipment, you are provided with a tracking number once receiving your ''Order sent out'' email.

This option lets you follow where your package is in real time, have an approximative delivery date and covers your package in case of a lost package.

If you are experiencing problems or have any concerns regarding your parcel, please contact Post Canada as they are the ones who will be able to help you out. 
Once Killtsune ships your order, Post Canada is in charge of the delivery, we cannot provide any more information than they would, hence why it is better to contact them first when in need of help regarding your sent out order.

To track your order, simply enter your provided tracking number into their website here.

Please note that Killtsune is not responsible for parcels that come back to us due to a fault from the receiver's side, for example, for not paying customs in time, a wrong address, a fault to pick up their parcel in time, etc.
It is the receiver's duty to pick up and care for their package once it has been sent, parcels that get redirected to Killtsune will be shipped to the receiver's again, at the receiver's cost.

☆ Untracked Letter Mail - No Lost Insurance 

By selecting Untracked Letter Mail - No Lost Insurance as your method of shipment, your parcel has no tracking attached to it.

This shipping method takes from 1 to 3 weeks to deliver depending on where you are located. Killtsune is shipping from Quebec, Canada.

Please keep in mind that this shipping method DOES NOT HAVE TRACKING, meaning that there is no way for us nor Post Canada to locate your order.
You will be able to know when your order shipped by verifying your emails and looking for the ''Order sent out'' email which confirms the shipment of your order.

Note that by selecting a NO TRACKING shipping at checkout results in no cover for lost packages. The reason behind this is that Post Canada, our carrier, does not cover parcels which have no tracking associated with them.